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June 7th

HELP NEEDED: 3D Artists and animator, 2D artist

The Positions: Looking for 1-2 artists capable of 3D and 2D artwork for a 3-6 month indie game project. There will be no direct payment, and proceeds will be divided as per a contract which will be signed and notarized. Ideal for hobbyists or aspiring artists looking to get their feet wet and have fun developing a game. Age requirement of 18+.

Assets needed: Style preference is a Team Fortress or Fable-like style.

3D work includes but is not limited to:

-Character models and animations. A skeleton is already in use for humanoid characters but can be replaced. -Map assets -Level design; a dual-contoured voxel system utilizing compressed CSG sourcing has been programmed into the engine but if possible levels may be modeled -Renderings for promotional art

2D work includes but is not limited to:

-GUI components for the game menus, HUD elements, ect. -Promotional artwork -Images for integration into website

About The Game:

The game is a fusion of innovative game-play with a tried and true format familiar to gamers. The programming is already about 70-80% completed. More details will be provided in private. There is currently only one developer involved.

The project owner and sole developer has experience in product development in the chemical and biological industries; has established supply chains spanning from India to the US; developed high efficiency research-prototype-commercialization pipelines for multimillion-dollar companies; is involved in several start-ups; is actually a chemist; and enjoys making games. With your help, this project will come to realization quickly! To Apply

Send an e-mail to

Please include details about your capabilities, example artwork, your general location, and why you want to join. You may also inquire for details about the project before expressing interest.