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December 16th

The game has been Greenlit! Thanks for all the support! Now that my PhD applications are in, I am back to focusing alot of my free time on the game (50% game, 50% abominations of science). I have added a great deal of new functionality to the engine! However, I will need help to get it to a quality I feel comfortable distributing.

HELP NEEDED: Character Artist and Animator

I need help adding enough character content (and some nicer animations). A portion of any profits from the game will be decided based on the amount of time and work a potential project partner can dedicate. Contact me at to inquire.

More info on the new construction system will follow in the coming weeks!

August 18th

A new version has been posted, click "MIRROR 1" to download! This versions includes a number of bug corrections as well as the early version of the real-time vpad editing mode. Pressing the "Build" button on the VPad will access the free-camera editor. Assign items with the number keys and scroll to select; Click to place. The save, load and draw plane features will be added soon.


*Hosting a game requires you forward port 16114.

August 6th - UPDATE: Versions updated to 00011

Bug fixes include: Server crash on round end, random crash on client vpad spawn, load menu stuck after firewall blocks connection

August 3rd

MP Alpha

A more official release is on its way, but for those who are waiting: here it is! I will announce it in a few hours as well as post some simple tutorial information to clarify game hosting and features.


Hosting a game requires you forward port 16114.

Sorry in advance for any bugs! I often change core engine features which may disrupt already implemented features. I will work quickly to fix any bugs identified.

July 25th

I have launched a kickstarter, so the fate of the project is in your hands now! If you like the concept and would like to see the project completed and improved, please support it through the kickstarter and by spreading the word!


I will release a multi-player demonstration of the game for you all to play in about a week. This will give me time to make some last minute changes and increase the number of people aware of the game (empty servers are no fun).

July 14th

The new version of the game is nearing the release state. The next version will focus on multiplayer and combat. After the release, I will focus on improvements to the net code and increasing the number of players a game host can handle. I will also work on the linux version and the dedicated server version. I intend to run dedicated servers on the linux version so that will be a critical step. A Mac version will come later.

More info will follow shortly!

As promised, here is a quick mini-alpha to let you try out some of the vehicle/structure mechanics! I am down-playing this release because I have a lot of good stuff in the works. For those who are interested in taking a peek, here it is:

Download Mirror 1

THIS VERSION IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE FINAL GAME OR FUTURE ALPHA RELEASES. Many core game elements are either incomplete or not included in this release.

I did not get any of the rockets, hardpoints, ect. that I originally wanted to add to the release, but I think the time is best spent on the new terrain and physics code. After looking over some concepts, I have a completely new system in mind, I'm quite excited to get started on that! I'll post some more info later.

Update 5/4/13: There may be some issues with 64-bit windows as well as intel graphics chips. I will work on that, but first I will upgrade the render system to Ogre 1.9-RC. They just recently tagged it as a release candidate so it should be stable! I'm sure you are all as excited as I am! (?)

I have posted the sandbox on Steam Greenlight! Click here to check it out! Vote yes to support the development!

I would also like to announce that a single-player alpha demonstration version of the game is almost complete. It will be release on Friday, May 3rd!

Custom vehicle and base construction is one of the critical feature of the DyVox Sandbox and Pytheas. There are several ways to build new objects, ranging from advanced in-game editors to simple brick by brick placement. For the initial release, the latter will be the supported method. This construction mode was inspired by feedback from players on the Pytheas prototype. With any material or place-able selected, you can start building a new object with a few clicks of the mouse!

I put my best newscaster voice on and created this video together to briefly describe the basic construction mode.

The other build modes are currently a work-in-progress. I will go into more detail about those when they are presentable in a user-friendly state. The various build modes will become very useful in the Pytheas modes as well as custom game types.

The first release will focus on introducing the basic mechanics of the engine. I will have more information on that soon!


I hope you all like the new design! I've settled on this website style, so I'll be updating it over the next week. I was using a table-in-table scheme because it's easy for me to rearrange and see what I liked. Now that I have choosen the style, I'll put everything into a div tag format. This should make it load faster and be more mobile compatible!

I also have a demonstration version of the game I am working on for release very shortly. It will contain a quick mix of examples for easy access to the features and good building practice. More info coming soon!

-TheMadChemist, 4/20/2013

The engine has come a long way. In fact, it has been completely rewritten. I will get more in-depth about Pytheas in a narrated video later. For now, here is some quick gameplay footage. There are alot of features I have added to the engine. In order to save your eyes from a disturbingly large wall of text, I am working on a wiki to properly explain everything.

You may notice not everything looks quite... spacey. The Sandbox allows a great deal of freedom to create anything you want. The simple and powerful content system allows me to quickly and easily add new items to support a wide variety of play-styles. Personally, some times I want to build a helicopter, other days I want to fight one with a ballista. I hope you enjoy the flexibility as well!

I am in the process of finalizing a release candidate now. The initial release will be a cut down version to introduce the various gameplay mechanics and focus on multiplayer. In future releases, players will have full access to the editing features. The crafting and inventory systems will be expanded to provide unique RPG elements and some RTS-like features injected into the game. The possibilities are vast and I intend to develop based on community demand. The expanded engine capabilities developed over the last 9 months reflect the feedback I've received as well as what players wanted to do and could not yet.

-TheMadChemist, 4/9/2013